New Beginnings

It has been quite a while since I have posted on this site. I wanted to update you on where I am now and what is going on with Extra Special.

First off, I no longer am hosting the site Solid Rock Children's Books. There are various reasons that led me to this decision, but ultimately, I did not have the time to maintain it.  In addition, my family has made a few new life decisions involving relocating and job changes. Fun times! I am no longer working a full time job, just my full time job as being a mom and wife. :) That is full time enough!!!

As for my book, I am excited that they are still selling! I get so excited to see the orders come in or to have people call and tell me they need to purchase one for a baby shower. What a great idea! I love to sign books for others and it warms my heart to think that it might be a blessing to them.

Having said all of that, I have a nice stack of books in my new house that I would love to get rid of to make room for a new shipment! Let me know if you are interested! If you would like to order a book, or two or three ;) then feel free to email me directly at and I will be sure to get those to you. NO SHIPPING CHARGES and each book is $10. MUCH CHEAPER THAN AMAZON!!! Please, if you email me, put EXTRA SPECIAL in the subject line and let me know how many you want and what you want written in them.

If you would rather order from amazon or Barnes and Noble, no problem. You can do that as well!

Thank you all for your support!


Happy Reading!!!

Awesome new CD for SALE!


One of my FAVORITE Christian artists is Chris Tomlin. I stumbled upon this CD while looking for new products to add to SOLID ROCK CHILDREN'S BOOKS site and had to offer it to you too!!

I strongly encourage anyone who has young children to order this CD. You won't be sorry! The CD has 10 Chris Tomlin songs on it all in lyllaby style. It is perfect for nighty night music.

1. Our God
2. I will Follow
3. How Great is our God
4. I will Rise
5. Indescribable
6. Awakening
7.  Amazing Grace
8. God of this City
9. I lift My Hands
10. Holy is the Lord

You can order your copy HERE!

Introducing......Pat Brannon!!!!

I am so excited to announce our new books that we now have available at Solid Rock Children's Book! We currently have 2 books, written by children's author and poet, Pat Brannon!

Pat is an amazing author and poet whose writing captivates children of all ages. She also travels to schools to do presentations for students on bullying. Southern Edition wrote an amazing article on Pat that I strongly encourage you to read! Click HERE to read article!

Solid Rock Children's Books is now offering Filthy Farley O'Charlie McBarley.
How would you like it if you were bullied and belittled daily by your fellow third grade classmates because of the way you look and smell? I’m guessing you wouldn’t like it. Well, neither does Farley O’Charlie McBarley. Studying hard, making good grades and being an honest person isn’t enough in the eyes of Farley’s classmates. Most of the kids in Farley’s class spend so much time making fun of his unkempt appearance and playing awful tricks on him that they don’t get to know the real Farley. Little do they know, Farley is much more than just another dirty little boy. He’s kind, big-hearted, and the sort of friend anyone would be lucky to have. Sound like the kind of boy you’d like to meet? Great. Just take a deep breath, hold your nose, and join Farley’s classmates as they learn what kind of boy Farley really is.

Solid Rock Children's Books is also now offering Food Fight Frenzy.
Margaret Ann Mumford, thinking it would be just another ordinary day at school, had no idea what awaited her and the rest of the third grade classes in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Did someone say food fight? Students, teachers and guests getting plastered by food in the school cafeteria? When is somebody, anybody, going to step up and be a leader instead of a follower? How do you tell Mom and Dad that you took part in a food fight? Will the punishment fit the crime? Did somebody say punishment? Bummer!

Quirky Kids Zoo will also be available soon, as well! We will let you know when we have it available to you.

Place your order today to get your very own copies of Food Fight Frenzy and Filthy Farley O'Charlie McBarley!!


Since I am currently reading A TIME TO EMBRACE by Karen Kingsbury, and I am LOVING IT, I thought it would be appropriate to give a FREE copy away so someone else can enjoy it, too! So here is how this works.... we are only about 25 people away from 600 Fans. Share us today on your facebook page and be sure to tag us when you do. The person who shares us with the 600th fan will receive their very own copy of A TIME TO EMBRACE! 

If you do not know how to TAG someone on facebook, here is what you do.
On YOUR facebook page, post something like... "LIKE Solid Rock Children's Book today-help me to win a free book" and when you do, be sure to put the @symbol in front of Solid Rock Childrens Books (with NO space) and it should automatically pop up for you. So it should look like @solidrockchildrensbooks and then it should turn blue. If this does not work for you, have your friends, after they LIKE us, say who sent them :)


new products!!!

Today we are happy to have added almost 20 new Karen Kingsbury books to our online store Solid Rock Children's Books!!

Although we are a children's book store, we do offer several books for moms, too :)

 Like Dandelion Dust
Some of the new products that we offer include her book that was recently made into a movie, Like Dandelion Dust. This is a heart wrenching book about adoption. Honestly, I have yet to be able to bring myself to watch it. It hits so close to home for us, I cried buckets during the trailer.. so I think I will have to wait to see the movie!! 

 Leaving is Kingsbury's newest series. This book was released in March and is supposedly amazing. Imagine that! I can't wait to read it myself!

 A Time to Embrace is what I am reading right now. It is really good. Talk about a great book on forgiveness and accepting what God hands us. This book is really inspiring and it makes my faith grow thinking about how God does hear our prayers! AWESOME read!

Check out Like Dandelion Dust, Leaving and A Time to Embrace, all by Karen Kingsbury, at Solid Rock Children's Books!


I never posted the picture that someone took of the first book signing :) I get a kick out of it, still! Ha!

56 M0re DVD's for Kids!!!

We now have 56 more DVD's to offer!
We have more
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